Imagenes: Cloud River Reflections

potomacriver01010-2 by you.
Chillin by da river
Taking in cloud reflections
Watchin a blue heron fly by…
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Mandinga: Demystifying its Origins & Power

Mandinga pronounced Maan-jin-gaa is a term I came across while studying capoeira angola. It’s a mysterious word. I decided to delve into it to learn about its origins and meanings, and discovered a wealth of information about it. “Mandinga is a word of African origin. In its form “Mandinka” or “Mandingo” it is the name of a huge ethnic group in West Africa (Mandinkas are one part of the Mandè ethnicity).” Read more.

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Spirit of Africa: Kadiatou & Balafon Dance Ensemble

For many years I have been taking dance classes with Mama Kadiatou and her company Balafon West African Dance Ensemble. Recently they brought the spirit of Guinea to DC during DanceAfrica 2008 on Saturday, June 7. What amazing energy and strength! Read more & check out the videos.

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Growing from Seeds: Explore the Magical Fragility

Seeds have such magical, hidden potential lying dormant within the seedpod. They come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Some are quick to start growing, others take some time. Read more.

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Power Goes Out: Are You Prepared?

Around 3:15 pm this afternoon, the lights flickered a little and then went out completely. The wind had picked up, dark clouds rolled in and little hailstones came down followed by heavy rains. The severe thunderstorms had arrived! Read more.

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Getting Started: Backyard Farming

Imagine a backyard with a lawn and little else. Now imagine a backyard dug up with two raised beds, two double dig beds and some fruit trees and bushes. Earlier in the year for the first time ever I started a vegetable garden with little knowledge, but much anticipation. Read more.

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