Skip the Candy, Gum >> Enjoy the Real Thing

March 31, 2010 at 10:18 pm Leave a comment

Gummy bears, nerds, jolly ranchers, double mint gum…only a few candies that some of us enjoyed as kids and some of us still enjoy! Well, time to change how both kids and adults think about candies…These candies have artificial colors, flavors and plenty sugar to cause cavities!

Mother Nature has given us so many treats that we can enjoy as candy! Looking for something sweet and sour? Try some tamarind. Looking for a breath freshener? Try some peppermint or spearmint leaves. Mint plants are easy to grow and take care of. Make sure you plant them in a pot, not in the ground because it can take over your garden. Not into mint, try some cinnamon sticks or cloves to freshen your breath.

Instead of treating yourself to artificial candies that try to imitate Nature’s gifts, enjoy the real thing! If you can’t find them at the major grocery stores, you can find these inexpensive, healthy, yummy treats in African, Asian, Caribbean or Latino stores.

What are some of your favorite natural candies?


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